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Health & Disease

Health & Disease

Often when a person is diagnosed as healthy, they still may not feel healthy. This is due to psycho-somatic conditions where a troubled mind affects the health of the body. 2 types of health can now be seen:

  • Diagnosed health
  • True health


“Health is defined as a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” – WHO. True health is based on the healthy functioning of 5 planes of life


  • Physical & Mental health: Health is the balance of physiological components; it is balance of structure, it is the perfect functioning of body metabolism; it is the balance of mind. Health is purity of body and mind.
  • Purposeful Career: Work is defined as making a living doing something meaningful or purposeful. You should be glad and contented with your career. Working in meaningless, unfulfilling jobs can create mental & physical disorders.
  • Healthy relationship: When the person is healthy and purposefully working, they can now begin to truly enjoy their social life. For relationships to be healthy, all people must continue to develop individual inner spiritual lives.
  • Spirituality: Spirituality changes the definition of health, giving it added dimension. The more a person realizes their divine nature, the healthier they are.

“Health is purity” Purity of the body, mind, intelligence and soul…. “Health is Prakrithi”


What is disease?

Disease is impurity or imbalance. The imbalanced dosha individually or in combination with other imbalanced doshas locate in the week structural components and produce disease. So the intrinsic causes of disease are:

  1. Disturbance in the physiology as expressed as Vata/Pitha/Kapha imbalance.
  2. Quality weakness of anatomical structure expressed as Sara


If the structural components are healthy/pure, even if the doshas get imbalanced, it cannot locate anywhere and produce a disease. At the same time even if the structural components are unhealthy, no disease will occur if the doshas are balanced. In people having excellent ‘sara’ (purity, essence) of the skin / respiratory structure, even if they are exposed to “dietary and lifestyle allergens causing Dosha imbalance”, eczema will not crop up. Imbalance of Vata / Pitta / Kapha occurs naturally according to the solar, lunar, seasonal cycles, environmental influences and due to aging. However, such imbalances which do not get manifested in a weak structural component would not develop to disease process.


“Disease is Vikrithi” - (Acquired Imbalance)

A disease, an imbalanced Dosha condition (pathological symptom) cannot be taken as a clue to Body type. It is important to understand that illness is not caused by the doshas in the constitution, but rather by the acquired imbalance. The constitution or body type is harmless, (other than it cause proneness to same dosha diseases or support the same dosha diseases) unchangeable and doesn’t require treatment. While the acquired imbalance of doshas cause diseases and require treatment. It is the skill of an Ayurveda expert differentiating the Prakriti (Constitution) from Vikriti (Imbalance)