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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Well-being refers to health at planes of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relationship, Career, environment, community etc. and it provides the life a long lasting purpose and contentment. The lifestyles of people in the workforce are important both for the sake of own health and for the sake of productivity. Healthier staff who are physically fit and mentally efficient become more engaged and more involved. We believe in empowering individuals with tools to improve and maintain their health through natural ways. We offer simple solutions to common health complaints and guidance in balancing everyday life, seasonal routines, dietetics etc. The combination of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation offers a comprehensive & logical system for wellness. We offer:


  • On site Programs: Program length ranges from day long to weekly or monthly on-site classes. 


  • Off Site Seminars: We offer once off seminars & workshops in a range of health topics.


  • Retreats: Day long, weekend or week long. Our retreats offer attendees a chance to get away from it all and immerse themselves in the Ayurvedic & Spiritual way of living. We offer tailored retreat programs and also seasonal retreats in India, UAE, and Bali.