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Detox & Rasayana

Detox & Rasayana

Is Ayurveda trying to help people to live for longer? Ayurveda is not specifically aiming to extend our life span. Back to Root’s priority is to extend our 'health span', giving a better quality of life to the years that we have. Since man has had an inherent wish to stay young from times immemorial, Ayurveda has provided him with this gift called “Rasayana therapy”. Rasayana therapy enhances the overall health of an individual, and delays the natural process of aging. This therapy is a path that leads towards increased immunity and general well being.

Our program includes both Stay Care & Day Care models:


  1. First Stage: Doctor Consultation to diagnose, Prakruthy, Vikruthy, Sara etc. to tailor make a treatment plan.


  1. Second Stage: Carminatives & Digestives (Ama Pachana & Agni Deepana) in the form of medicines & Dry therapies


  1. Third Stage: Oleation – both External & Internal (Snehapana) for 7 days


  1. Fourth Stage: Panchakarma - Vasthy or Virechana or Nasya or Vamana according to the Dosha imbalance.


  1. Fifth Stage: Food restriction for 2-3 days; advised to take liquid and soup diet to augment Agni.


  1. Sixth Stage: Administration of ideal Rasayana recipe in the apt dose and duration.