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Herbal Farming

Herbal Farming

Ayurveda is a science dealing not only with treatment of some diseases but is a complete way of life. It includes the study of nature other animals and trees. The secret of health lies in preserving our harmony with nature. If Ayurveda were a religion, nature would be its Goddess. Medicinal Plants play an important role in human life to combat diseases since time immemorial. The rural folks and tribals in India even now depend largely on the surrounding plants & forests for their day-today needs.


Over the past years, several medicinal plants of Indian pharmacopeia have been lost or became endangered. There have also been problems with regard to misidentification of plants. Back to Roots initiated an effort to promote the cultivation of medicinal plants in a 4 acre land on the banks of Chalakkudy River. The current farming is not aimed to meet our demand of raw drug material but it is an effort to preserve these plant species. Creating awareness on the importance of medicinal plants within the society is also our objective. Back to Roots invites strategic partnerships to take it as a profit making commercial venture.